Rebar and Welded Wire Mesh

We provide steel fabrication of rebar and welded wire mesh for any construction application. To get the process started, we analyze construction drawings and consult as necessary with your business to come up with an estimate.  Upon award of the project CAD drawings for the design/build team outlining the rebar requirements are provided. If needed, we will submit a formal bid for your project before we start.

When the order is placed, we fabricate it onsite in either our Calgary or Edmonton facilities, depending on where the final project is. Our expert detailing ensures that you are getting a quality product made by skilled fabricators that fits the exact requirement of your project.

Most of the necessary materials are kept in stock in both of our locations, so you won’t be waiting too long for your vital construction materials. We will install the rebar on your project site using our team of experienced tradespeople, or ship your materials anywhere in Western Canada or the Northern Territories.